The Millenium Campus Conference 2011 is around the corner!

MCC 2011 last year at Columbia.

I’m excited to attend what will be my second year at the Millenium Campus Conference ! This year it is at Harvard University and hosts include the Harvard Global Poverty Initiative, Youth Alliance for Leadership and Development in Africa, Harvard Project for Sustainable Development, and more. Sponsors, as last year, are the United Nations Foundation, Better World Campaign, and of course, the Millenium Campus Network, a network of students who care about the objectives that the UN established as the Millenium Development Goals.

From September 16-18, there will be panels and workshops on sustainable intervention, reforming educational systems, global health, poverty, student leadership, and more. I signed up for Education: The Challenge of Ensuring Quality and Quantity and the Postgraduation workshop, which will address the issue of staying involved in global issues after graduation, uncovering career options that fit, and staying connected to the issues even while entering a profession outside the international development field. There will be networking lunches (I picked Middle East and North Africa) and an internship/job fair.

It’s still not too late to get tickets and you can always stay with a friendly Harvard student! Check it out:

Have a good week and more links/information coming this way soon!

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