Travel Resources

People have often asked me how I travel for such long periods of time on such a low budget. Well, it’s all a matter of being extremely resourceful, creative, and a little bit strategic. There are two main expenses while traveling. In life as well. Transportation and housing. I will divide this section into two parts and also provide a list of books and websites that deal with low budget long term traveling in general.


Sometimes, you just have to take a plane to get from A to B. You can’t cross oceans by walking and you don’t know of a job on a steamer. So be it. That being said, there are lots of budget airlines, budget travel sites, and budget travel agencies.

Airlines: Ryanair, jetBlue, EasyJet, indiGo, Norwegian Air (These are just the budget airlines that I have personally traveled with, but here is a more complete list)

Websites: Kayak, Vayama, BudgetTravel, Guia Low Cost

Budget Travel Agencies: STA


Couchsurfing: I basically owe my two year sabbatical from school to Couchsurfing. This wonderful site sets up locals who live in a city with a “couch” with travelers who are looking to crash somewhere but don’t want to stay in hostels with a bunch of other tourists. The ideal Couchsurfing situation is one where you make a new friend, explore a new city with a local, and have deep discussions about life. Of course, that’s not how they all turn out, but some people that I’ve met from Couchsurfing have become my closest friends. I highly recommend it!

World Wide Organic Farming: Not for the faint hearted. Stay for free on an organic farm while working for your stay. Make sure that you’re not exploited – I’ve heard accounts of 16 hour work days! I had wonderful farmhands on a tiny farm in Colombia that wasn’t commercial yet and who understood that I had never been on a farm before – I couldn’t take weeding for more than two hours at a time!



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