Be the Face of the World Conference on Youth in Sri Lanka!



There’s a great international conference on youth empowerment and mobilization coming up May 3-6, 2014 in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Although applications are no longer available to apply as a delegate or a facilitator, you can still apply to become an ‘observer’ at the conference. 1,500 youth from around the world are expected to attend, and become part of a consortium of youth who will work on the Post 2015 Development Agenda and add their perspectives to the current strategies on development issues. These issues are the main working issues of the conference:

  • Achieving Good Governance & Accountability
  • Inclusive Youth Participation at All Levels
  • Youth Rights
  • Globalization/Inclusive Youth-Led Development (MOI)
  • Ending Systemic Inequalities
  • Gender Equality
  • Empowering Marginalized Youth Including Most at Risk Young People

The following are the thematic areas of the conference:

  • Realizing equal access to quality Education
  • Full Employment and Entrepreneurship
  • Poverty Eradication and Food Security
  • Promoting Healthy Lives and Access to Health
  • Environmental Protection, Emergency Preparedness and Youth Centered Urbanization
  • Realizing peace, reconciliation and ending violence
  • Ensuring inclusive recreation, sports and cultures

WCY is organized by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Skills Development of Sri Lanka (MYASD). An International Youth Task Force (IYTF) appointed by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Skills Development of Sri Lanka. The IYTF is comprised of 20 youth: 10 of whom are young leaders from around the world representing established international youth-led and youth-serving organizations, and 10 are young leaders from Sri Lanka.

You must be between 18-29 in order to apply.

To become an observer and the “face” of one of the seven areas of the conference, submit an application about why advocate or represent one of the seven themes of the conference. The application is on their facebook page and there are six days left to apply! All expenses covered.


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