Enter the Dell Social Innovation Challenge! Deadline January 28, 2013.

Have you traveled somewhere and seen a community that could make incredible strides with a little push from you and your idea? Are you fed up with a problem in your own community? Are you excited to make a difference?

The Dell Social Innovation Challenge identifies and supports promisingyoung social innovators with transformative ideas who dedicate themselves to solving the world’s most pressing problems.

Winning university students will receive world-class teaching and training to help advance their ventures as well as start-up capital and access to a network of mentors and advisers. DSIC has the largest global network of like-minded students, so you and your peers can work together to refine your ideas and bring them to fruition. All semi-finalists will have help creating a fundraising platform and be eligible for a matching grant. The first place winner (of 45 award winners!) will receive $60,000.

You might ask, what exactly is a social innovation? It’s an idea that significantly improves the results of existing social or environmental problems. Let your passion and abilities innovation your idea and grow global impact.

Don’t wait to share your ideas, the deadline is January 28, 2013.http://http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZXe4rnT3q3k&list=PLA40D19D21DBB877C&index=1

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