IndieVolunteer Interview with Go! Girls Guides


I just had the lovely opportunity to do an interview for Go! Girls Guides, a travel publications company that encourages women to travel solo and publishes the world’s only guidebooks for solo women travelers, as part of their Girls that Go! feature. GGG gives advice to women on how to stay safe and healthy while traveling, as well as tips for how to immerse themselves into the culture and volunteer abroad.

Sara Button asked me all sorts of deep, well-thought questions, and I really had to reflect on my whole life in order to explain why I created IndieVolunteer and why I’m so passionate about solo traveling and women’s empowerment today. You can find my interview here: Interview with Ani Hao of IndieVolunteer 


Thank you Sara, for your thought-provoking questions and patience, and thank you GGG for featuring me on Girls that Go!. They regularly feature inspirational solo female travelers, and give very useful travel tips for women, so please check out their website and then get out there and travel!

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