All the little birdies sing..

I did it. I caved in. I got a Twitter account.

Here are my justifications:

1. I noticed that I have the most blog traffic when people tweet my articles.

2. Twitter would help me more effectively communicate with you all and share the conferences that I attend, the panels that I speak on, and where I am traveling.

3. I’m attending the Social Good Summit this weekend as a blogger and I think I would feel naked without a Twitter account in a conference full of the biggest and most important social media mavens out there. It would be great for networking too. Somebody asked me, “What’s your handle?” at the Millennium Campus Conference last weekend and I genuinely thought she was asking me, “What’s your professional/personal focus?” as “handle” back in the day among press/media meant story/field focus. I almost responded “Women’s and girls’ empowerment” before I noticed that she was looking up Twitter on her iPad to add me. Yep, this was an award ceremony, and people had their iPads out. 21st century moment.

4. I feel like there’s so much momentum on Twitter. I never got into it before because I knew so many people who were just following hot celebrities or posting about tediums such as hangovers or delicious meals, but since I edited who I’m following to be only international organizations/NGOs/think tanks/media sources and people involved in those worlds, I feel that I’m definitely learning a lot about what’s happening instantaneously around the world. I like that people talk a lot about what they learn on conferences and share it with each other so that momentum continues even after everything is over. MCC 12 even has a hashtag: #momentumcontinues !

5. Hashtags are kind of fun, I have to admit.

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