Contributing for Ethical Traveler and the Social Good Summit this month in NYC

The Jellyfish Lake in Palau. Palau was featured in Ethical Traveler’s 2012 List of Ethical Destinations.

September updates:

I will officially be joining the Ethical Traveler’s News Team and contributing original stories and articles on at least a monthly basis. I stumbled upon Ethical Traveler earlier this summer when surfing for my typical mix of travel/human rights/development/government articles and fell in love with their concept and reporting angle. Ethical Traveler believes in a more responsible way to travel, which goes beyond seeking out responsible tour companies or booking environmentally conscious hotels. Travelers should look at their everyday actions and behaviors while overseas and ask themselves if they are making a concerted effort to adhere to local customs and are contributing to the local economy. There is definitely an ethical dilemma once abroad, because the new age of mass travel and tourism has created enormous tourism industries that at once bolster economies overall, wear many locals’ patience and may marginalize small businesses or merchants. We also do not know the extent of environmental degradation from mass tourism today. So how can we travel with more social and environmental awareness as well as cultural sensitivity?

Ethical Traveler reports about responsible traveling, environmental awareness, human rights stories, and what different countries’ governments are doing to address their environmental and human rights problems. They release a list of 10 countries each year that have achieved significant environmental and human rights reform; they encourage you to travel to these countries to support their governments’ efforts to create a more socially just and sustainable world. I’m really excited to join the news team and an amazing community of well-traveled and socially conscious global citizens! Check out Ethical Traveler today!

Later this month, I will be representing IndieVolunteer (that’s this website and all of you readers out there!) at the Social Good Summit in New York City on September 22-24, 2012. The Social Good Summit will gather some of the world’s brightest minds to talk about innovative ideas and solutions that utilize social media and technological platforms to address the world’s most pressing problems: climate change, hunger, gender inequality, education, water and food security. I firmly believe that technology is going to be the game changer in the 21st century; it is going to be a key tool in not only making programs and initiatives more effective, but also more inclusive. Technology has real impact, and it’s going to help access remote areas of the world much more easily. I’m looking forward to this summit immensely and will be blogging live about the amazing ideas and initiatives that I learn about there!

If YOU also write a blog or have a website about social justice or are press and contribute to any news agency and would like to attend this year’s Social Good Summit for free as well as have Media access and be able to network inside the Digital Media Lounge for the duration of the Summit, then apply now here!

That’s all for now – keep on independently thinking, writing, dreaming, volunteering, and traveling everybody!

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