Register for the 4th Annual Millennium Campus Conference!

Are you a student actively working to achieve the United Nations Millennium Development Goals? Would you like to meet other inspiring young people working to end extreme poverty within their lifetimes?

The Millennium Campus Conference is presented by The Millennium Campus Network. MCC is a conference focused on student organizing around the United Nations Millennium Development Goals. The weekend is designed to provide attendees with the knowledge, skills, inspiration and space for critical self-reflection they need as student leaders to effectively execute their on-campus and overseas projects in the coming year. MCC is also a place for those interested in becoming part of the student movement to end global poverty to learn how they can get involved. MCC 2012 will be held at Northeastern University, September 14-15, 2012

I’ve attended MCC since 2010 when it was held at Columbia University in New York City. This year I am very happy to work with them developing a panel on The Impact of Women in Leadership. This will be an incredible panel discussing the impact that women have when in decision-making positions, and the challenges that remain for them both in the workplace and getting them there in the first place.

Check out MCC’s website and register NOW! The conference is around the corner!

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