How do women around the world juggle work and motherhood?

I’ve been reading many interesting articles lately about power women struggling to balance their demanding careers and being there for their families. Ann-Marie Slaughter, who formerly worked for Hilary Clinton in the Obama administration, wrote an instant-hit article for the Atlantic titled “We Can’t Have it All”. In it, she recounted her experiences of working 40+ hour weeks and coming home only on the weekends from Washington DC. The working world is indeed a man’s world, and is made for men who are not expected to be shouldering many family duties and are indeed considered not “serious” if they don’t put in the hours. Women entering this world find that there are few benefits or exceptions made for them to tend to their family… and often simply miss being there with their families.

Not everyone around the world is working a high-powered government job. But there are many women, everywhere, who have to work to support their children. It’s important that we learn about their lives and their struggles if we want to create a more just working world for both men and women. If we believe that it is important for women to work, then we must create the conditions to allow them to flourish while doing so, and recognize that for many women, family is very important and a demanding job in of itself.

The International Center for Research on Women has an online museum, called the International Museum of Women, and they just created an online exhibit called “Mama’s Work: How do women around the world juggle work and motherhood?”

Here is the description of the exhibit: While many consider motherhood one of the world’s most important jobs, women deserve greater recognition for the challenging balance of work and motherhood. What challenges do working mothers face? How does mothers’ work affect family structures? And what systemic changes must be made for moms to get the support they need?

Explore the Mama’s Work gallery to find out.

Check out this informative and eye-opening gallery! Women are still facing many issues around the world, some of them life-threatening and others more quotidien yet just as important. Enabling women to work and raise healthy families should be a national priority around the world, especially in developing countries.

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