Update from New Delhi

Hi IndieVolunteers!

It’s been a crazy first month and some odd weeks in and out of New Delhi. I’ve had to finalize my classes and I took a couple of trips.

These days I find myself reflecting heavily on some desires and hopes in my own life, such as to study languages and culture and work in art in New York. I am in the midst of college applications once more.  This is happening concurrently as I attempt to live in a society vastly different from anything I have ever known. I struggle in many aspects, especially in certain expectations of my behavior and dress as a woman. Moreover, there is such a staggeringly large array of social issues at play in India that I feel that I am absorbing all of this knowledge and only truly understanding it day by day. It is currently elections all over India and I have never seen anything like it; everything has become politicized. Entire states are temporarily banning or halting certain things so as to garner votes from different factions.

I hope to update more with posts about specific NGOs that I have learned about, as well as some interesting issues here. Keep tuned and let me know what you have heard about that’s happening in India right now as well!


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