IndieVolunteer Reading!

I greatly admire this blog called Good Intentions Are Not Enough and I’d like to share the author’s compilation of enlightening and useful reading about international aid and development.

Incomes, needs, rights, sponsorship and cash transfers – Wait… What?!

Haiti shows why poor communication stalls relief –report – Alert Net

A Seat at the Table: a Twitter-ful list of women crucial to foreign policy – The Levo League

Should you or shouldn’t you volunteer at a Cambodian orphanage? – Expat Living

Half The Sky; On The Ground – Webbed Feet – Interesting timeline and perspective on Kristof’s writing on sex trafficking.

My development blogging 2011 review – Development as anthropological object – an overview of development blogging in 2011.


How Ethiopia’s Adoption Industry Dupes Families and Bullies Activists – The Atlantic

Thoughts on doing no harm – Tim Hoiland – looks at two books on smart giving aimed at a religious audience.

The Truth About Foreign Aid – penelope m.c. – On a BBC 3-part podcast on foreign aid.

Donated Pills Make Some Charities Look Too Good On Paper – Forbes – on the over-valuing of medicine by nonprofits to improve their admin ratio.

Story Update – Three Cups of Deceit – Krakauer tracks the ongoing shenanigans over at CAI.

Passion Is Not Enough: The Most Common Mistakes Startup Nonprofits Make – Desiree Adaway

For those debating Sachs: Remember, it’s not REAL…. it’s economics. – Lessons I Learned

RCTs and aid effectiveness: Much to be said – How Matters – A compilation post tracking the debate on RCT’s (Randomized Control Trials) in aid.

Unintended consequences – – how much harm can doing good cause? – Nonprofit Update

Giving Wisely in 2012 – tips for donating and volunteering – Pursuit of Public Health

It seems like a lot of reading, but just choose one article to read each day and pore over it. Like the name of the blog suggests, good intentions aren’t enough. We have to be educated about how to make the world a better place, otherwise we may end up doing ineffective work or creating even more harm.

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