2012 !

Happy New Year everybody! We’re not quite there yet in NYC, but I’d like to write this post before the clock strikes midnight 🙂

It’s been a very full year and I’m happy to have shared that on IndieVolunteer. In 2011, I went to Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, China, Hong Kong, France, Spain, back to school in LA, and Qatar. It was a year full of volunteering, internships, application essays, schoolwork, conferences, and solo traveling.

I learned a lot. I learned to always trust your instinct (safety, especially when you’re traveling alone). I learned to never give up on your dream (which for me is to study in New York City or another viable diverse metropolitan city). I learned to take risks and do things you never thought you would ever do (I went to the Middle East for the first time…. during finals. And I applied to and was accepted for study abroad in India). I learned to leave the past behind and move on (USC is behind me. Los Angeles is behind me. Now I can move forward. And I won’t go backwards). I learned a lot about what is important professionally to me and I drafted a lot of ideas for the future.

I know that all plans won’t come to fruition, but in 2012, I’m going to study abroad in India. Intern with the International Center for Research on Women. Attend Barnard’s Global Symposia on Women Changing India in Mumbai. Perhaps attend a conference in Iraq. Perhaps attend the G(irls)20 Summit in Mexico. Perhaps attend the World Youth Congress in Brazil. Hear back about whether I was accepted to the Critical Language Scholarship for the summer. Otherwise plan to intern at an art museum in NYC. Go to as many festivals as possible. And hopefully enroll in a school in New York City or London in September.

Keep on independently volunteering & traveling, everybody! Happy New Year !

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