Humbled and Amazed

I am just astounded to read the testimonies of other students who have attended the MCC conference at Harvard with me this year who share the same critical perspective of development and of the UN MDGs.

Please read their essays – they are wonderfully insightful and extremely critical in the best possible sense. I agree with these two young women wholeheartedly and share their viewpoints.

From Farida Nabourema: “Aid is not the solution to our poverty. And poverty is not the immediate cause of our suffering. It is our inability to free ourselves from oppression, domination and exploitation that is causing our poverty, our misery and our death. If we succeed at ending these things, we will build a just world in which we could all have an equal share of the resources that we need to live well… Freedom is not to be given but to be obtained, and the United Nations can never give it to us.”

From Arianna Lee Wassman: “We need to start promoting ethical service work that supports structural changes within a nation and we need to stop fixating on the western notion that all service work is inherently good and deserves to be rewarded with recognition, applause, and awards.”

We at Indie Volunteer are all about learning about the real issues at hand and criticizing/rating organizations before subscribing to a particular belief or mission. I encourage all of you to continue learning about the world, about the international aid system, and most of all, to continue listening from your peers. Young people are often smarter than we sometimes take them for, and most certainly have the gall to say the things that many do not want to hear.

More encouraged than ever to continue Independently thinking and acting,


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