Longing to volunteer

I arrived to Paris a week ago. It is my first time visiting this city, and I must admit that it is truly beautiful and the quality of life here is high. I also am thrilled to practice my French; its my favorite language to speak!

At the same time, I am impatient to make enough money so that I can travel and volunteer again, especially since I am now interested in the healthcare industry and I have approximately 9 months to decide whether I will apply to Mount Sinai’s Medical Humanities. I read a book about the founder of Partners in Health, a healthcare nonprofit based in Boston and serving the poor in countries such as Haiti, Peru, Rwanda and Russia, and I am interested in volunteering in Chiapas, Mexico for a bit. I have already received two opportunities to volunteer as a teacher in Ecuador and Kenya, but now that I am interested in global public health, I feel that this time is crucial to test out the waters in that field. I already know that I enjoy working in education and community development, but I am really excited about healthcare. Healthcare is a basic need and an universal right; it comes before education.

Anyway, I can’t write a post without thinking about my readers. For cash strapped, intellectually curious, vagabond travelers such as myself looking for a place to stay in Paris for free, I recommend going to Shakespeare & Co., an old bookstore that has housed famous penniless authors and travelers for half a century. I will live amongst the bookshelves, work two hours a day at the shop, and read a book a day for a month.

Also, for those interested in volunteering in Thailand, I found a remarkable database for not only free opportunities, but opportunities that offer accommodation and food besides! Gotta love the Thai people. Here it is – so get out and go volunteer, people!

2 thoughts on “Longing to volunteer

  1. >hey ani,i was wondering why you've been so much traveling,one minute in south america another in euro.and then i checked the info page on your fb thoroughly tonight (this morning). and came across your blog! i actually have no point behind thisexcept, i hope you're well. and i'm glad to see you traveling the world.have fun, stay safe.-sean

  2. >I didn't see this comment until too late – I hardly get comments here lol! Thank you Sean. That means a lot to me. See you in NY.

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