Woohoo, I got the long term volunteer stint in the San Cristobal Islands of the Galapagos! I think I will commit to three months. I am really excited to live in a rural community and teach English, especially since I just returned from a rural town outside of Cusco called Pisac and wished that I could have stayed longer. I have never lived in a small village before, so I want to challenge myself and also help people who do not have all the opportunities that cities can offer.

The organization in the San Cristobal Islands is called New Era Galapagos Foundation and it is very simple to apply to be a volunteer. It is free to volunteer with them, and they can arrange host families to live with or you can live with other volunteers for free. At least intermediate ability in Spanish is required, and a long term commitment is preferred. In just two days, the volunteer coordinator responded to me by email and asked me when I would arrive, how long would I volunteer for, and attached a welcome letter to volunteers.

I am not sure yet of my dates – since I haven’t bought plane tickets and I would really like to find a good deal – but I think that I would like to volunteer during their summer, from January to March. Time to put Quito and Guayaquil on my FareCompare ticker!

5 thoughts on “Galapagos!

  1. Hey, great blog! I was wondering if you went through volunteering with New Era Galapagos. If so, could you tell me about it? How was it?

    • Hey Ben, I haven’t had the opportunity to volunteer with New Era yet. Will need some free time and money for the considerably expensive trip to get there. However, I did meet a friend who worked as a teacher for three months in the Galapagos, and he tells me that the experience was one of the best of his life. It is very easy to apply to volunteer for New Era, and if you’re still thinking it over, I can send you the information packet that the director sent me when they accepted my volunteer application. Just give me your email.

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