Since Mayten never responded to my email, and it was not necessarily a good idea to just show up in Chincha without a cell phone or a contact, I ended up in Cusco, Peru and found an amazing organization that I can freely volunteer for my second day! It wasnt all luck though; I had been talking to tons of people ever since I arrived to try to find the most worthwhile, free volunteer opportunities.

Colobri (which means hummingbird in Spanish) is a center for working kids, and everyday from 4.30 to 7.00 pm, volunteers help kids with their homework, or engage them in learning activities if they dont go to school, and then help administrate the snack-dinner. I found the work enormously gratifying, since I was helping kids to read and write. I also re-discovered my drawing ability! Finally, there was a sizable number of kids, around 30 or so, so the center truly does need volunteers and I felt very useful as a Spanish speaking volunteer (some speak little, which is alright as well).

I cant decide what is better – the kids, the directors, or the other volunteers. I truly enjoyed my first day at Colobri and I cant wait to volunteer there for about 2 and a half more weeks! If you are coming to Cusco to go to Macchu Picchu and the Sacred Valley, I would highly recommend adding some volunteer work to your vacation. It is free to volunteer at Colobri, and I can promise that the work is worthwhile.

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